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2018 Volvo XC60 – Release date, Price & Specs
8th March 2017

Volvo’s XC90 set the mark for future designs, and now they give us the Volvo XC60. The first major redesign since its introduction 9 years ago which gives us everything great about the XC90, just shrunk down a little bit.

The XC60 reveals many of the XC90’s design elements, such as the great “Thor’s Hammer” headlights. Onto the back, the taillights are largely vertical and reminiscent of of the XC90. Onto the interior, it’s 100% new Volvo. The dash layout is minimal, and there is a Vertical Sensus connect infotainment screen with a few choice buttons beneath it. The gauge cluster is also a screen. Screens everywhere! Just like the XC90, you can get the XC60 shifter with Orrefors crystal inserts.

Volvo XC60 Side

(Image: Cnet)

It also looks like there will 5 different powertrain configurations for Europe. The top-line model is the T8, putting out 407 horsepower and has a plug-in hybrid setup. Gas engine offerings include the T5 (254 horsepower) and the T6 (320 horsepower), latter of which includes a supercharger and a turbo charger. Finally, there are two diesel engines, but they’re currently exclusive to Europe and will probably hit the US later.

Since safety is where Volvo made its name, the XC60 also sports some key safety features. Steering assist will move the vehicle out of danger, whether it’s from changing lanes or drifting towards oncoming traffic. As well as this, there is an optional pilot assist – a suite of semi-autonomous driving systems that controls the steering, gas and brakes on well marked roads, up to 81 mile per hour.

Volvo XC60 Back

(Image: Cnet)

Production for this beauty is said to start in Sweden during April 2018. Even though the pricing isn’t quite ready, the current XC60 starts at $40,950 (roughly £33,600 at today’s rates) so that’s a little bit of context.

Source: Cnet


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