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2018 will see the largest Plane window of all time
30th March 2017

Sitting at the plane window was always the best place to be as a child. If you were going on holiday with the family then it was a must for the plane journey. Even now, as a fully grown adult not much has changed there. Being seated on the aisle is somewhat disappointing.

The largest window for a plane will be a massive 4.5 feet wide by 1.5 feet tall, and it’s planned to be unveiled officially next year.¬†The Skyview Panoramic as it has been named, is being developed for Boeing by an aerospace firm called¬†Fokker Industries. The view will change how we see the world at 35,000 feet, yet there’s a catch here. As always.

Plane Window Huge

I wouldn’t be able to move away from that. (Image: Telegraph)

This window is only planned to be implemented on corporate flights for now, meaning a lot of us aren’t going to be able to get the panoramic experience. The all new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), BBJ2 and BBJ Max Aircraft are all promised to include the giant aperatures and they will be dotted in multiple locations of the aircrafts.

Good news for important business-type people that travel the world often, but bad news for us casuals that only use airlines for our all inclusive holidays. Maybe one day though.

Source: Telegraph


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