6 Weeks of Meteor Showers start tonight
7th October 2016

If you’re quite the star-gazer then the next month or so is going to be quite a treat for you, providing the skies stay clear that is.

The Draconids, Orionids, and Leonids are going to be visible over October and November.

The Draconids are peaking tonight (Friday October 7th) and can be best seen in the Northern Hemisphere from after sunset to midnight, when Draco is at its highest point in the sky.

If you didn’t know, the shower is named after the constellation of Draco, the dragon, where they seem to originate from. The meteors are just debris that has been left over by Comet 21/P Giaconi-Zinner that orbits the Sun every 6 and a half years. Back in 2011 it was said that up to 1,000 Draconid meteors per hour were visible in the sky.

It doesn’t stop there either as we’ll also be treated to the Orionids, which come from the constellation of Orion. It can be seen from both hemispheres. They are actually already visible but will peak on October 21st like they do every year. They are the fragments left over by Halley’s comet which orbits the Sun every 76 years.

The Orionids will be visible right up until the first week of November, when star-gazers’ attention will turn to the Leonids. This shower is named after the constellation of Leo of where they emerge and will be peaking around November 17th. The shower can be seen from both hemispheres. This shower will also be visible in both hemispheres.

If you are interested at all you can head over to Slooh who will be doing a live broadcast for the Draconid meteor shower. However, it isn’t until 1AM BST (Saturday 8th October) so it’s down to you whether you can stay awake or not!

Source: IFL Science


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