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Amazon Prime Wardrobe allows customers to try clothes before purchase

24th June 2017

Amazon Prime Wardrobe solves that initial fear of ordering clothing online. Sometimes, going out to the shops is just too much effort but it’s always best to try things on. Well, now you don’t even need to go to the shop to try your clothes.

I’m sure it’s not just a bloke thing when it comes to clothes shopping. Me and my Mrs are just as bad as each other when it comes to moaning about how tedious it is.

Heading in and out of the changing rooms when you’d rather be sat at home. I’ve always found it annoying and time consuimg, but it’s got to be done. Otherwise you just end up wasting more time returning products that don’t fit.

Although most of us do our shopping online, clothes shopping is quite the risk. You can’t physically see the product to try it, and even though it says it’s your size it might still feel uncomfortable.

This is where our good friends at Amazon come to the rescue. Prime members will be able to use their new service called Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

This allows Prime members to choose a selection of clothing and shoes and have it delivered. They will have 7 days to pick and choose what they like and what fits best, and then ship back what they didn’t want to keep.

At no extra charge, you only pay for what you keep. To make it even better, if you keep 3 or 4 items of everything you chose then you’ll get a 10% discount. Keep five or more, and the discount rises to 20% off.

This won’t be possible for literally any clothing item, but there will apparently be over a million items that are prime eligable for men and women, with some participating brands such as  Levi’s, Theory, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Adidas, J Brand, Milly, Timex, Lacoste and Parker.

An End to Traditional Clothes Shopping?

Your clothing shopping nightmares are now at ease. Hours are no longer spent in a stuffy clothes shop, everything gets done from home. Could it kill the high street clothing shops though?

There is one other  thing that I couldn’t help but wonder. How will Amazon stop people from wearing an item of clothing for one night and then returning it?

Don’t pretend you didn’t already consider doing this yourself from the start. Maybe they’ll have a special tag? I guess we’ll see.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe is currently in beta stages, but you can sign up to be notified when the service is available for all.3

Source: Forbes