Another Polymer Fiver is selling for thousands on eBay
18th October 2016

Turns out another lucky seller has made a fortune from their “special” polymer fiver on the online auctioning site, eBay. There’s just one small twist with this note though.

Mike Harris of Cwmbran, Wales; and also the crafty prankster behind all of this, has pulled a funny one by submitting his “upside down” five pound note up for auction, claiming that it’s a “rare misprint”.

Of course, this isn’t quite the case as all Mike has actually done is taken a picture of a regular polymer fiver and turned it around to make it appear “upside down”.


The reasoning behind this came after Mike said he saw bidders paying “silly prices” for new polymer notes due to their rare serial numbers. What started out as a small online joke, turned a little more serious as the bidding hit £7,954 in just three days.

Mike has been met with questions about the note – for example, bidders have been requesting for further photos to see what is on the other side of the note.

Some of the bids are not serious – you can see they are from quite new accounts and probably not real. But a bid that took it to £7,945, for example, is from a credible account, someone who obviously willing to pay for it.
‘It got reposted on social media and started causing quite a stir, so I went on there and said I would donate any money it made to the charity of the winning bidder’s choosing – and the original £5 too.
” – Mike Harris


Even though some have considered Mikes actions hilarious and call him a legend, others have found it irritating and misleading.

However, Mike says that he has morals, and he will work on donating any money made to a charity of the final bidder’s choice.

Source: Daily Mail


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