Apple Talks Facial Recognition, AR, 3D Selfies & Driver-less Cars
9th March 2017

Since Apple has recently been awarded a patent for advanced facial recognition technology, rumours of it being present in the iPhone 8 are becoming stronger, as there’s also talks of implementing Augmented Reality (AR) as well as 3D Selfies, and even possibly even driver-less cars!

Last month, top Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo noted that the iPhone 8 would be featuring a camera an infrared model capable of facial recognition that could also lead to 3D selfies. I agree that 3D selfies sound utterly pointless, but examples of its usage includes replacing a character’s face in a game, so it may well be interesting to say the least.

Apple iPhone 8 Concept

Just another iPhone 8 concept. (Image: iPhone 8 Guides)

With the talks of this facial recognition coming into play, it seems that Apple may really be forgoing the home button and fingerprint scanner in favour of a 3D scanner, capable of bio-metric facial scanning. This would still be used in the same way we’re used to the finger print scanner though, so it would allow you to authenticate yourself on apps and apply pay or simply just unlock your phone.

Apple being the superior tech giants they are, claim that the camera will be able to detect multiple faces in the same shot. So for example, two faces are present in view of the camera and one is closer than the other. The technology can supposedly still detect both faces quite accurately. To add to this, it isn’t just faces that it can detect, it’s supposedly capable of detecting objects as well.

Pokemon Go Apple iPhone

Pokémon GO is an example of how AR works. (Image: Augment)

With this type of technology, it could go quite far and become ground breaking. Apple believe Augmented Reality will increase in popularity and become quite a large market, and with this technology it could perform very smoothly. Apple are also supposedly in the works of producing a car, and a camera that can read road sings could be the key component to self driving cars.

Sounds like the future is now for Apple, but do you think it will live up to it? Or do you think it’s probably going to flop and just sounds better than it actually will be?

Source: cnbc


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