“Batman” promises to protect children from “killer clowns”
13th October 2016

The “creepy clown” or “killer clown” craze is getting out of hand since its inception in America as it has swept across the pond and finds itself here in the United Kingdom.

However, it seems we won’t be left to fend for ourselves in this situation. Or at least not in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

Somebody has been spotted dressed as the iconic DC hero, Batman, chasing off a clown that was terrorizing children. The moment is accompanied with a picture uploaded to Facebook to prove it.


Facebook: The vigilante chases off a prankster posing as a Clown

The hero, who’s identity has not been revealed, promises to provide protection to citizens from any Clown pranksters, with the main intent to reassure the children of the area they are safe at night.

Somebody has taken to Facebook to show their appreciation:


Source: Mirror


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