Could Beards be going out of fashion?
30th March 2017

I was just trawling through the internet to come across individuals claiming that beards are no longer “in fashion”. I’m not sure how to take that, since I see more hairy chins now than ever before. Sure, some are pathetic excuses for facial hair but they’re often quite well groomed and impressive.

Take this article from the Guardian for example. Written back in 2013, the article concludes that the beard may well be going out of fashion. Yet 4 years later in 2017, I’d say they’re still quite “fashionable” to most men.

More claims were made back in December 2016, when the Independent said that the beard trend was “finally dying”. It seems odd for a woman to be writing advice about men’s facial hair, the same way you’d find it strange for a man to write advice about women’s make-up (if that’s your thing though, fair play!) but the article seems to be a load of tripe.

Jonathon Athon Beards Black Tusk

Go hard or go home. Jonathon Athon (1982 – 2014) of Black Tusk had the right idea. (Image: Black Tusk)

Let’s be honest, when you see an article that has a title making a bold claim as such, it’s usually the complete opposite to the truth. A 2nd generation barber called Sal told the Huffington Post the following:

“Sometimes it seems the beard trend is disappearing. It’s a trend like any other. But then when I think it’s fading, I notice it comes right back. I’m not sure it will disappear anytime soon.”

In short, are beards going out of fashion? No. Beards are not going out of fashion. If you’re sporting a beard right now and want to remain “fashionable” then do NOT shave it off, for crying out loud.


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