Bloke sells new £5 note for over £80,000
13th October 2016

Collectors seem quite desperate to get hold of a very special new £5 note that came into a lucky individuals possession, due to its unique serial number.

Back on the 13th September 2016, the new five pound note went into circulation. As people received their first of the new notes, they have been putting them to the test. Mainly trying to destroy it since it is supposedly “indestructible”.

On the other hand, some tried to find different uses for it instead. For example, someone discovered the note can actually be used to play vinyl records.


Twitter: Applying heat seems to shrink the note, as demonstrated.

Each note has a clear serial code and one lucky fellow has managed to obtain one with a serial number that reads “AK47”, which for those who don’t know is a Russian automatic rifle which happens to be the most produced in the world.


An actual AK-47.

Because of this special serial number it has found its way onto the auction site eBay, where is sitting on whopping £80,000 where it could still rise even further! The bidding ends today (13th October).

At first the seller, Mr Wright who lives in Twickenham, thought he was the target of pranksters as the bidding suddenly jumped from £1,000 to £6,000, from £10,000 to £50,000, from £50,000 to £60,000 and now where it sits at £80,000.


The note in all its glory!

eBay have insisted that any bids made will go ahead.

Source: Daily Mail, eBay, Plymouth Herald, Telegraph


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