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How you can grab an Xbox One S for under £200
31st March 2017

If you’re after an Xbox One S then now is the best time to do it. I’m not sure how long this deal will last, so you’re best hurrying up with it. If you head over to TESCO you can grab yourself a brand new console with 2 games for a record low of £189.99!

It’s not as simple as just adding the console to your shopping basket though. There’s a few actions you have to take in order to bump the price down. The version of console you want is the Minecraft edition of the Xbox One S with 500GB of integrated storage. This bundle already has a £10 saving on top of it, but you can get it even lower.

Tesco Xbox One S Basket

Your basket should look like this before checkout. (Image: Tesco)

Once the console is in your basket find yourself a copy of Forza Horizon 3 and add that to your basket too. After this hit the checkout and enter the discount code: TD-NHTX. There you go, another £20 bumped off your price with an amazing total of £189.99! If you’re not actually keen on those games it’s not so much a problem. Combined they’re worth £50 new, so you could probably trade them in for something more to your tastes.

Don’t leave this too long if you plan on going ahead with it, the deal may not last long at all. The Xbox One S still has a good lifespan until the next generation of consoles, so it’s justifiable.

Source: Daily Star


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