Child has Doctors baffled as he appears to be a “human magnet”
25th October 2016

A video has surfaced online of fiver-year-old Erman Delic with multiple spoons, forks and coins appearing to be attracted to his chest and back as if he were some sort of living magnet.

The boy from Malesic in Bosnia and Herzegovina, discovered that he can stick the objects to his skin while he was watching TV and was spotted by his parents doing so.

Just to be sure it wasn’t due to any bizarre health condition, Erman’s parents took him to the doctors. However, they were baffled at how anything was possible and had no answers to what was causing it.

This comes a few months after nine-year-old Mehmet Sumbul from Turkey was also filmed attracting metal objects such as spoons and forks to his chest and back.

He claims that he is “seen as a strange person” and that when he’s angry his “magnetic field becomes stronger”.

Mainstream scientists believe that this strange phenomena could simply be linked to unusually greasy skin, making the objects stick to the body with the appearance that it is “magnetic”.

Source: Mirror


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