“Creepy Clown” Craze spreads to the UK
12th October 2016

Halloween has come early this year as the craze that started in America has found its way to other parts of the world – including Canada, Australia and now the United Kingdom.

It has been reported that a 30 year old man has been arrested in Norwich last Sunday evening (9th October) after he jumped out and screamed at a woman in a public – then proceeding to chase her. He has since been let off with a caution.

Thames Valley police have made a statement on their Facebook page claiming that they’ve had 14 incidients within 24 hours.

Also, last Friday (7th October) in County Durham, a Clown prankster decided to follow children to school while armed with a plastic machete.

On the same day, Country Durham Police posted a picture to their facebook of two plastic masks and a plastic machete that they had confiscated from two 12-year-olds that went to a primary school to scare children.


Carrying out these pranks is no laughing matter to the police as they have said that the incidents “may seem harmless, but it is quite frightening to those who experience it”. Inspector Simon Starns, of Sussex Police has added: “We will respond if someone feels threatened and the culprit could end up being arrested and then they won’t find it so funny.”


Prankster spottedĀ in the dark along Epinal Way in Loughborough

Source: BBC, EDP24


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