Why it’s currently the worst time to own an iPhone
3rd March 2017

Recently, I covered how the iPhone 8 would likely be ditching its lightning port in favour of the more flexible USB-C. Despite coming with great advantages, there are a few drawbacks that I have thought about which could result in this iPhone generation becoming one of the worst times to own one.

The transition from Lightning 3 to USB-C will come with a lot of advantages in the long run in terms of compatibility, but the transitioning stage will be a bit of a pain in the arse for iPhone users. For example, all those lightning cables that you’ve used for connecting to your computer or charging etc. will all have to be replaced as they’ll no longer be relevant. I know that you get at least one with your phone regardless, but any spares you had for other reasons as well as any docking ports you used anywhere will all need updating.

iPhone Lightning Connector

It seems likely Apple won’t be sticking with Lightning much longer. (Image: MacRumors)

USB-C is a lot more compatible and is expected to be the universal standard, but unfortunately that’s not quite the case yet. This means that until then, there is a good chance that adapters are going to be needed all over the place for some people. This could cost you a hefty chunk of cash so it would be up to you whether it’s a worthy investment or not, but I can imagine a lot of people getting quite angsty over this temporary inconvenience.

It doesn’t end with cables and ports. The new “all-glass” front that is supposed to come into action will see the disappearance of the home button. Apple says that there will still be a finger print scanner underneath the layer of glass near the bottom, but they eventually plan to eventually replace it with facial recognition instead in order to improve security. Will this mess up the current apple pay mechanics? The idea of holding your phone to a card reader and simply holding your thumb over the scanner was very convenient and quick.

iPhone 8 Concept Image

Not sure what to make of the loss of the well established home button… (Image: Express)

Not a complete disaster overall, but still something to take into consideration. Will you be getting the iPhone 8 on release? Or is this transition stage too much hassle for you?

Source: Express


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