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David Attenborough Celebrates his 91st Birthday
8th May 2017

The 8th of May marks Sir David Attenborough’s birthday. Considered a national treasure, today marks his 91st birthday, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Last year Sir Attenborough presented us Planet Earth II, delivering us some of the best insights to date of Earth’s natural world. However, there is still a lot more to come. The BBC has announced he’ll be back to our screens for Blue Planet II.

Similar to Planet EarthBlue Planet will give us a closer look into the great depth’s of our oceans. We can safely expect to see breath-taking visuals of the deep blue sea. Sir David has promised that we’ll be blow away specifically by some footage taken 1,000 metres below the antarctic ocean.

Planet Earth II Snakes

The snakes and Iguanas part was pretty spectacular, don’t you think? (Image: BBC)

National Treasure

Sir David has expressed his disliking to being considered a national treasure. Very humble of him, but there’s no other way he could be considered. He’s educated so many of us in the way of the natural world, his passion is so genuine. Even in his old age, he still continues to inspire many of us with his wise words.

Happy birthday Sir David Attenborough, have a gooden!

Source: BBC


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