Drivers may have to pay road tax by the mile
12th May 2017

Looks like it’s going to cost even more to keep your motor running soon. New plans could be enforced that will see some radical changes to car tax.

Experts have put the plan in place to keep the road networks financed once self-driving cars and zero-emissions vehicles become prevalent. If everyone in the UK ended up driving these vehicles, the government’s funds for the UK’s road network would be reduced. According to Edmund King (president of the AA) and his wife Deirdre, an increase in the popularity of low emissions cars means a huge gap in the road network’s finances could appear. This means they feel drivers should be paying a “pay as you drive” kind of scheme.

Electric Car

Electric cars are becoming more common. (Image: Getty)

Under the proposal, motorists are given 3,000 miles to start off with when they register a car. Once used up, a negotiated fee per mile is charged that could be as little as a penny a mile. That probably doesn’t sound as bad as you initially thought. The Kings also claim it would raise money for UK roads as well as costing drivers less.

Do you think this is a good proposal? It certainly sounds a lot less unfair than the toxin taxes that would penalize diesel drivers. Under this scheme, it’s down to the driver how much they pay based on how much they drive.

Source: Express


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