Elon Musk plans to develop "Brain Chips" so we can become Cyborgs – Man Wants


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Elon Musk plans to develop “Brain Chips” so we can become Cyborgs

31st March 2017

Well, he’s done it again – Elon Musk, owner of SpaceX and Tesla, has announced another ludicrous yet fascinating scheme of his. His newly set up firm is on the road to developing Matrix-style “neural computers”, as confirmed by the man himself.

The idea behind this tiny brain electrodes that would be implanted into our skulls is to use what Musk calls the “neural lace” technology, allowing us to upload and download thoughts. The firm, Neuralink, was registered in California as a “medical research” company back in July, and Musk plans on funding the company mostly by himself.

Elon Musk Tesla SpaceX Neuralink

Elon Musk owns SpaceX, Tesla, and now Neuralinks. (Image: Daily Mail)

It’s not clear yet what Neuralink will have to offer product wise, but people that have discussed with the company revealed that strategies similar to SpaceX and Tesla will be in place. The firm has also hired leading academics in recent weeks, so it’s well on its way.

Elon says more Neuralink information is coming as soon as next week via Wait But Why. Until then, it’s hard to tell how these brain chips would be useful to us. However, Musk claims that it will be the “thing that really matters for humanity to achieve symbiosis with machines.” It seems quite complex for what it is, but I’m guessing the main idea for this kind of technology is to enable us as humans to function more effectively.

Matrix Elon Musk Neuralink

I’m getting a slight Matrix vibe here… (Image: Sky Premier)

Do you think this will be a technological breakthrough? Or do you think this is a flop waiting to happen? Elon Musk does have quite a faithful view in future technology, he may be the guy we need to make science-fiction become science-fact.

Source: Daily Mail