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EU Roaming charges will be scrapped this week
13th June 2017

If you’re on a phone contract, EU roaming charges will sometimes take you by surprise. You have to remember to turn your mobile data off so you don’t end up racking a small extra bill. However, this shouldn’t be a problem much longer.

The 15th of June will see these EU roaming charges “banned” for UK phone users. If you want to access your mobile data when you’re away from home, you can do exactly that. It’s been a long time waiting but it’s finally here.

But wait. There’s a slight problem. A bunch of people decided that the UK should leave Europe. Since we will no longer be a part of the European Union, there’s no saying this will last long. God dammit! That’s not the only bad news either. Mobile networks are still going to be finding ways to squeeze more money from you anyway.

Taken from Money Saving Expert, here’s what some of the major networks said when asked about whether they could guarantee not charging customers for using data in their existing plans when roaming abroad the EU.

EE refused to commit. It said only that “customers have a choice of great value roaming products and controls to help avoid unexpected bills” and that it would be announcing new roaming plans in the coming months.

O2 did appear to rule out extra charges. It said: “In line with the changes set out by the European Commission, making calls, sending texts and using mobile data in any European country will cost our customers the same as it will in the UK.”

Three couldn’t guarantee no customers would face extra charges. It said: “We are in the process of updating our plans to be fully compliant with the detail of the latest European Commission regulation to remove roaming fees for customers in June and will communicate any changes to our customers in advance.”

Vodafone did seem to rule out extra charges. It said: “We do not intend to charge… customers for using the data included in their plans when roaming in any our ‘Roam Free’ destinations after 15 June, as long as they are using it for periodic travel and are not overseas on a semi-permanent or permanent basis.”

Plusnet, which provides one of our top pick Sims, committed to not applying additional charges: “We’re pleased to say we won’t be charging customers on 20GB plans and under. We don’t offer plans above 20GB.”

Source: Money Saving Expert


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