Facebook trials the long-awaited Dislike Button
7th March 2017

Finally, Zuckerberg may actually be listening to us in terms of a dislike button for Facebook. For as long as the social network has existed, people have been constantly asking for such a feature. Over a decade later, it seems to finally be on its way to becoming a reality.

You may be relieved you can finally dislike everything you see, but it’s not quite like that. The dislike button is being trialed as a feature for messenger instead, and probably for good reason. Facebook has previously spoken about how a dislike button would be unpopular with┬ábig companies ans well as the bullying potential it could bring. Not very good excuses in my opinion, a like button could be used just as effectively. Think about it, something terrible happens and you post about it. Somebody that wasn’t your biggest fan could simply like the status and it would come across completely wrong.

Facebook Dislike Button

This is all we wanted, and they still can’t get it right. (Image: Gizmodo)

Facebook are insisting this dislike button feature they’re trialing for messenger is more a “no” type of feature. You can use it on specific messages the same way reactions works so it could maybe come useful for a voting system in group chats. Maybe. It sounds more like Facebook are adding a pointless and not necessary feature just so that they can say they officially have a dislike button, when it reality they don’t have one at all.

The closest that we’ve ever had to a dislike button is the reactions feature, which launched over a year ago. 300 billion reactions have been used since then, with the “Love” reaction being the most popular of them all. Do you think this dislike button will be a useful feature? Or do you feel it’s a waste of time?

Source: Independent


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