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Forgotify will only play Spotify songs that nobody has played before

15th June 2017

Spotify has millions upon millions of songs that you can access. It’s a brilliant and piracy free way for fans to listen to their favourite music. However, at least 20% of songs on the platform have never even been played.

You may only use Spotify to listen to your favourite artists that are relatively know, but literally anybody can get their own music on there. As long as you own the music, it’s possible to get it listed on Spotify quite easily. If you want 100% of the revenue (which will be next to nothing anyway) then it will cost you a small sum, but there are places that will get it on there for free if they can have some of the cut.


(Image: Forgotify)

Forget Me Not

Because of this easy upload method, a lot of music up on Spotify has never even had a single play! There may be a good reason for it, but still, this is where Forgotify comes into action. Forgotify scours through Spotify in search of songs that have never been played before and will only play these songs. If you love new music then you may just be able to come across a rare gem, or two. Just be aware though, a lot of these unplayed songs are unplayed for a good reason. I imagine that due to how easy it is to put up your own music, people will have deliberately made some utter trash just for the pleasure of it being there.

If you want to give Forgotify a try, go to the site and log in with your Spotify account. How long it will last is hard to say though, since theoretically each song with 0 plays will be given a play by you… meaning Forgotify will never play it again. So… that song will just be forgotten again. Hmm.

Source: Forgotify