Four dead after River Rapids malfunction in Queensland
25th October 2016

Two men, aged 35 and 32, and two women, aged 42 and 38, have tragically been killed on the Thunder River Rapids at the Dreamworld theme park in Queensland, Australia.

Police were called to the site after there were reports that “a number of people had been injured by a conveyor belt.”

It turns out that two people had been ejected from the ride, where another two had been caught and trapped inside it. The victims sustained injuries that weren’t survivable, leading a number of staff from the ambulance team “deeply affected”.


Investigations are under way as to what caused the malfunction.

CEO of Dreamworld, Craig Davidson, has announced at a news conference that the theme park has been closed following the tragic incident:

At this stage, the park is closed and Dreamworld is working closely with police and emergency services to establish the facts around the incident. We are deeply shocked and saddened by this and our hearts and our thoughts go to the families involved and to their loved ones.

It turns out the ride broke down twice before the accident took place. The ride has had problems in the past, after a nearly fatal incident took place back in April.

Source: CNN, Yahoo AU


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