Google announce new Virtual Reality Headset
5th October 2016

Google has announced that it intends to step into the VR gaming market, going beyond what the tech giant already does with Google Cardboard.

The headset has been named “Daydream View” and is similar to the Samsung Gear VR in that it is powered by a mobile device.

The Daydream View will only work with the Pixel and Pixel XL (Google’s new line of smartphones) at launch. However, it is the most affordable headset to date at only £69.

More supported devices will be coming in the near future from “leading Android smartphone-makers”.

Google’s VR chief Clay Bavor explained in a blog post:-

Our goal for Daydream is to simplify the complexity behind virtual reality. It should be mobile so you can easily carry it with you, and it should be friendly and accessible so everyone can enjoy using it.

The headset is said to be 30 percent lighter than similar devices and is made with “soft, breathable fabric”.

There are three Daydream View color options – Slate, Snow, and Crimson.


The device also comes with a remote/controller which Google has explained :-

It points where you point, and is packed with sensors to understand your movements and gestures. You can swing it like a bat or wave it like a wand. And it’s so precise that you can draw with it. The controller slides right inside the headset when not in use, so you don’t have to worry about losing it in your bag or between couch cushions.

Daydream View will include a number of apps including YouTube, Street View, Google Play Movies and Google Photos. Apps such as Netflix, Hulu and HBO are also expected at some point.

There will obviously be games too, including the likes of “Gunjack 2”, “Hungry Shark World”, “Eve: Valkyrie” and “Need For Speed”.

Source: UNILAD


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