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Google reveals 2016’s top searches
15th December 2016

Looks like Google have released their top search queries for the year, and to be honest they’re pretty much what you’d expect after everything 2016 has brought us.

Let’s cut to the chase for a second. Below shows Google’s top search queries for 2016. To the left is the UK, where the right is gobal.

Google UK top trending searches of 2016:

1) Euro 2016
2) Pokemon Go
3) David Bowie
4) Donald Trump
5) Prince
6) EU referendum/Brexit
7) Alan Rickman
8) Olympics
9) US election
10) Deadpool

Google global trending searches of 2016:

1) Pokemon Go
2) iPhone 7
3) Donald Trump
4) Prince
5) Powerball
6) David Bowie
7) Deadpool
8) Olympics
9) Slither.io
10) Suicide Squad

If you have been keeping up to date this year in the UK specifically, then these definitely make sense. We have lost some very iconic figures this year, politics has had a major role to play this year as well as having big sporting events such as the Euros 2016 and the Olympics.

A familiar sight every lunch break on the release of Pokemon Go. (Image: BBC)

Pokémon Go also comes as no surprise as it swept the world with its highly anticipated release. Even Malcolm spent some time on that, and he’s so old that my inner-child had to explain to him what a Pokémon even is! Deadpool seems to have been the dark horse of entertainment this year, receiving a lot of positive feedback despite not many people having faith in it.

Further analysis reveals a few more insights too:

The UK’s most searched for “famous woman” is Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle, ever since details were emerging on their relationship in October. The equivalent search for “famous man” was Conor McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion. Deadpool actually beat other comic book movies such as Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War. Quite surprising, since all our own office DC Comic nerd (*cough* Glynn *cough*) talked about was those first two films listed and how “great” they were going to be.

Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, beating “The Matrix Reloaded” after it held the crown for 13 years. (Image: BC)

Technology-wise, Apple’s iPhone topped the list of the most searched devices, beating Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Google’s own Pixel handsets. Meanwhile, the Sky Q set-top box was the most popular non-smartphone product.

Source: BBC


Technology wizard and keen PC gamer. Prefers not to associate himself with "console peasants" if he can help it.