Gorilla in London Zoo recaptured after escaping its enclosure
14th October 2016

A Western Lowland Silverback Gorilla that goes by the name of “Kumbuka” managed to escape from his enclosure in London Zoo last night.

The rebellious primate, that arrived from Paignton Zoo in Devon back in 2013, managed to make his way out of his den into a secured keeper only area of the zoo. A spokesperson for the zoo has since said that at no point were visitors in any kind of danger.

Despite this claim, at 17:10 BST (13th October), customers had been locked in a café and were informed that a gorilla had escaped from its enclosure whilst being told to keep clear of any windows near the enclosure by police.


Police were called to the zoo to assist with the recapture.

They also added that the gorilla had been seen by other visitors and appeared to be “really angry” and “banging on the cage”.

The situation was over within an hour though, as the gorilla was tranquilised and safely put back in his den where he has been “interacting with the rest of his family in his gorilla kingdom”.

Visitors of the zoo were initially worried as they didn’t want a repeat of the infamous incident earlier in the year at Cincinnati Zoo in the US, where Harambe the gorilla was shot and killed after a young boy fell into his enclosure. The boy was unharmed in the situation but it caused a lot of anger on social media as it was generally deemed as “an avoidable situation”.

Source: BBC


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