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Greggs introduces its brand new delivery service
18th October 2016

The future is here, as Greggs has introduced a new delivery service that it plans to make a nationwide scheme, meaning you don’t have to go anywhere to grab yourself a sausage roll… or ten.

To start off with the delivery service has been introduced in Newcastle, which is considered the Greggs capital of the UK, apparently. It won’t be like this forever of course, as there are plans to make the delivery service nationwide following branches in London, Manchester and so on.


Mouth-watering sausage rolls straight to your doorstep!

The store trialing the service is located in Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside, where up to 14,000 workers will be able to order a sausage roll or pasty straight to their office door.

Amy Carroll, communications manager at Cobalt has said:

I am sure Greggs Delivered will provide a popular choice for our businesses catering for meetings and for people who just fancy a team lunch.

“This service adds to a host of fantastic lunch options staff at the park have to choose from which include their own canteens, The Village Hotel Starbucks, bar and restaurant, Cobalt Central retailers, the fantastically popular Tasty Thursday pop-up restaurant event, plus a host of outlets locally at the Silverlink and Northumberland Park.

“Staff will be spoilt for choice.”

BRA842 Greggs bakery in Huddersfield town centre, West Yorkshire, England, UK

BRA842 Greggs bakery in Huddersfield town centre, West Yorkshire, England.

Source: The Sun


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