Has this woman caught Banksy on camera?
6th October 2016

It was thought by the internet that the illusive graffiti artist and political activist Banksy was actually Robert Del Naja from Masstive Attack, though scientists have said they confirmed that he was actually a guy named Robin Gunningham.

However, some shaky phone camera footage has sparked up a fuss with outlets saying that this might be the first time he’s ever been seen in the act.

The YouTuber (whose screen name is simply “Mia S”) has said that she was “walking home from work late last night and I was watching a street artist doing a piece in hosier lane. I double backed and pulled out my phone as he was finishing up.”

Until Banksy actually has something to say on the nature of the video all we really have is speculation, and looking at the reaction on the original YouTube video, a lot of people are doubters. Most claim that the video was set up. Who knows.

Source: Complex


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