Hugh Jackman reveals title for new “Wolverine” movie
6th October 2016

Hugh Jackman has revealed that the upcoming Wolverine movie has simply been named Logan.

The actor has tweeted a picture of a poster for the 2017 sequel on display in downtown New York City.

The director for the film, James Mangold, has also shared another poster as well as a photo of page two of its script.

Jackman’s third solo outing as Wolverine is set for release on March 3, 2017. The script was co-written by Michael Green, who also worked on the screenplay for the upcoming sequel to Blade Runner.

Joining Jackman in the cast to the sequel will be Patrick Stweart as Professor X, Boyd Holbrook in an unknown role and Richard E Grant as a “villainous mad scientist”.

Stephen Merchent also has a key role in the sequel which was announced earlier this year when he shared an Instagram post of himself shaving his head for the role.

Source: NME


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