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Introducing Belt Drive Betty and her Tales from the Road
2nd December 2017

When we decided to launch ‘Man Wants’ we had a mission to deliver fresh, engaging content that was focused on the themes and lifestyle interests that Men actually cared about. Since our launch, we have been privileged enough to work with some of industries most leading and innovative experts, creatives and influencers, to help us on our mission.

Sometime last year, we discovered social media super-house Belt Drive Betty, a travel blog that charts the writers ‘tales from the road’ and the Man Wants team were hooked. Belt Drive Betty is an internationally recognised motorcycling site, founded by Renee “Belt Drive Betty” Charbonneau. Renee has been an active member of the Canadian Motorcycle Riding Community since 1979.

After almost 30 years of involvement in the Motorcycling scene, Renee decided to launch Busted Knuckle Chronicles Newspaper – a community newspaper which shares engaging content centred on the international motorcycling community, with the inclusion of sports and lifestyle articles. Renee told us that ‘The original intent of the Busted Knuckle Chronicles was to inform riders of the North Peace regions of Alberta & BC about the events, businesses and riding clubs that might be of interest to them as fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.’

Evidently, the popularity of Belt Drive Betty and Busted Knuckle Chronicles grew, with Motorcycle riders checking in from around the World to find out about riders rights, motorcycle events, tourism and more. Fast forward 10 years from the initial launch of Busted Knuckles Chronicles and Renee stepped up once more and launched ‘Ride Like a Local’  – an interactive TV Channel which features footage from motorcycle events and a series of interviews with enthusiasts and experts.

Today, the team at Man Wants and Renee, founder of Belt Drive Betty Media have become great friends and Renee was enthused to tell us about her most recent venture – The Rider Friendly Business Association. The Rider Friendly Business Association is a clever platform where riders can review and recommend places to eat, shop and play on their road trips and businesses can declare that they are ‘rider friendly’ and happy to accommodate riders from the international riding community.

So, as we approach the end of the year and reflect on all the people we have worked with and learnt from in 2017 – we would like to welcome Renee of Belt Drive Betty Media as a contributing writer at Man Wants. ‘Belt Drive Betty’ will be sharing some of her articles focused on Motorcycles, Travel and the Motorcycle Riding Community with the Man Wants readership. We’re very much looking forward to hearing about the adventures of the Belt Drive Betty community and hope you will all enjoy reading about it too.

If you have any questions that you would like to ask Renee” Belt Drive Betty” Charbonneau or if you require any advice on Motorcycles, Motorcycle Maintenance or potential Roadtrips – please feel free to ask away below.


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