Introducing Britain’s Biggest Steak, at 220oz

No food descriptive food item screams manly more than “biggest steak”. Probably not a good way to treat your bowels, which is why The George Pub & Grill in County Durham offers “The Holy Cow” as a steak “sharer” for four diners. Think you and your family or friends are up for it?

At inches wide, the steak could prove difficult to fit in somebodies mouth as it is, and is heavier than most new born babies. It also takes up to 2 hours to cook the steak to a medium-rare state and the chef must know 24 hours beforehand.

UK Biggest Steak

The metal tray is needed, since a regular one can’t handle the weight. (Image: Metro)

This 220oz behemoth rump costs a grand total of £124.95 between the four diners and comes served with onions rings, chips and coleslaw. Here’s the fun part – anyone insane enough to finish the sharer within 45 minutes will receive a certificate, Facebook legend alert (whatever that is) and a George Pub & Grill hoodie to top it off.

Nobody goes home empty handed though, as losers get a free ride to hospital as soon as the cardiac arrest kicks in – or so says pub owner, Craig Harker. Is this something you’d be willing to give a shot? Or do you prefer to keep your arteries unclogged?

Source: Metro


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