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iPad owners can get Apple to upgrade their device for free
18th April 2017

I made quite a nice discovery upon visiting my local Apple store, regarding my old iPad. It turns out that taking a specific old model in for repairs results in walking out with a newer model.

Anybody that has kept hold of their old iPad 4 will be in for a nice surprise. Apple are offering to replace any broken versions of the model with a much newer iPad Air 2 unit. As you can imagine, this was a nice surprise and certainly made my weekend. It’s not like me to hold on to such an “old” model, but it paid off in the end.

The iPad introduced a retina display back in 2012, but is no longer in production. This means that it is probably going to become a rarity among its kind. However, as Apple products go, they’re not built to last as long as we’d like. This forces us to buy the latest and greatest every few years. Okay for rich people, bad news for us normies.

Broken iPad

The ultimate cringe for techies. (Image: Gumtree)


The iPad Air 2 was released back in 2014, but is also out of production as of recently. It’s still reasonably supported by Apple and there is plenty of stock leftover for anybody seeking a replacement. The iPad Air 2 comes with many improvements over the iPad 4, including a brighter laminated Retina display, faster processor, upgrade front and rear cameras, Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and slimmer hardware design.

It doesn’t stop there either. The newer model results in a storage bump for most since it was only ever shipped in 32GB and 128GB capacties. Double the storage space for the older models 16GB and 64GB capacities.

So, if your iPad 4 is still under Applecare warranty, you’re due a nice free upgrade. If not though, you’re better off just getting last months new iPad rather than paying for an upgrade.

Source: Express


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