iPhone owners will be able to pay each other via iMessage

Owe your buddy some money, but you’re not going to see him for a while? He doesn’t have PayPal? No problem, iMessage is here to help. Apple reveal iOS 11 will allow you to send money to your peers through messages.

Internet banking and PayPal do already exist, I know. But, this makes sending those small debts to your friends and family a little bit easier. Using Apple pay, you will now be able to send money to other iPhone users by using Apple’s iMessage. While this feature is currently only available to developers as a beta, all iPhone users will have access to it upon iOS 11’s release later this year.

iPhone iOS 11 Apple Pay

An example of the interface for sending money through iMessage. (Image: Apple)

Apparently, your phone will recognize when money is being negotiated and will prompt the Apple pay logo in such conversations. Whether that will be annoying or not who knows, but I’m guessing it’s not much different to the already existing auto-correct anyway. Tapping this logo will then bring up a slider, allowing you to choose the appropriate amount.

When you’ve selected the correct amount, money is taken from the card you’ve set up in your Apple wallet. This then lands in a new feature of the wallet called the Apple Pay Cash Card. From here, you can either use it to pay for things online through Apple pay or you can transfer it to your bank for free.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is now a common method of payment. (Image: PassKit Blog)

Sounds fairly useful to me, but I do plan on moving away from Apple for my next phone upgrade. Do you think this is a feature you could make use of? Or will you be sticking with good old PayPal?

Source: IB Times


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