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Bike thefts in Ireland are quite the problem

2nd March 2017

If you’re a bike owner in Ireland then you’re probably already aware, but the theft rate is quite high. Over 6,000 bikes are taken away from their owners a year, and some of the culprits have been caught in the act recently.¬†

A bunch of snotty kids have been caught on camera in one of Ireland’s city centres, going through bike racks and testing which will come loose and then making off with any that they manage to get free. See for yourself below.

As you can see, it wasn’t really that much of a struggle even for a bunch of kids. One of these idiots seems incapable of cycling away with one so he decides that smashing it to the ground is the better option. Further down, you can see another one of these little pricks pulls a bike clean away from a railing while a bunch of people just stands there and does nothing!

Obviously this type of behavior is pretty disgusting and these kids clearly aren’t loved by their parents one bit otherwise they’d be at home spending time with them, but the fact they so easily took what seemed to be securely fastened bikes for themselves also has something to say in itself. Police are now urging people to invest in decent locks so that these situations don’t take place.

Bike Thief Experiment

Some guy in New York tried to demonstrate how easy it was to steal a bike, since nobody did anything as he “stole” one in broad daylight for an experiment. (Image: NY Times)

There has been a “bait bike” scheme previously¬†to try and catch these thieves in the act. Bikes are secured like normal and are closely watched by undercover officers who intervene with anyone that attempts to walk off with them. You’d think that this would discourage people but clearly it hasn’t made much of an impact yet.

Source: Independent