Ketchup should be stored in the fridge, apparently

For as long as Ketchup has existed, there has been a constant debate on whether it should be stored in the food cupboard or in the fridge. Since the debate sparked up on social media recently I couldn’t help but take a look, and it turns out that the predominant answer to this long-going question is the fridge.

Various polls have been thrown out onto social media to try and settle this debate once and for all, and it’s quite clear on what the decided resolution is. The poll results, like the one pictured below, clearly show that the people have chosen the fridge as ketchup’s place of storage once opened.

Ketchup Poll

The Metro’s poll results. (Image: Metro)

It doesn’t come to much surprise, since the bottle itself states that it should be refrigerated anyway. I’m not going to question it if that’s what it says, I’m sure the food experts that developed the product know much better than we do. There was a time though where we just left ketchup in the cupboard, along with jams, marmalade and pickles yet nobody ever got ill.

Apparently ketchup used to contain much more salt around a decade ago, meaning that it didn’t really need to be kept refrigerated since salt is a natural preservative. Since then salt has been reduced in ketchup since it is linked to high blood pressure, as well as another preserving substance called Sodium benzoate, since it was linked to hyperactivity in children. Ketchup does contain vinegar so its higher acidity level slows down bacterial growth and would be safe to be kept in a cupboard for up to 2 weeks. However, if you want the full 8 weeks from a bottle of ketchup then always keep it in the fridge.

Ketchup Infographic

A nice little infographic so you’ll never forget. (Image: Good Housekeeping)

There you have it. Keep your ketchup in the fridge from now on. Or don’t. Now you know the facts, it’s entirely up to you how you store you sauces.

Source: Metro


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