KFC introduces “The Dirty Louisiana”

This year I promised myself that I’d try and eat a bit healthier, and all has been going well. Until now. KFC just had to go and announce their gorgeous looking “Dirty Louisiana” which is available nationwide right now.

KFC are definitely one of the more dominant fast food restaurants in terms of superior quality food compared to the likes of McDonalds or Burger King. They’re quite flawless really, unless you point out their lack of vegetarian options. But that’s a different story for another day.

KFC Dirty Louisiana

Yes, I am also very hungry now. (Image: Burger Lad)

Until the 26th March, you can try KFC’s “Dirty Louisiana” at any of their restaurants nationwide. It consists of an Original Recipe fillet, smothered in three delicious sauces and joined by two layers of cheese, gherkins and a delightful hash brown. Sounds amazing, right? Admit it, any healthy eating plans you had are about to be forgotten.

Described as the “sauciest burger ever”, the three selected sauces for this burger includes Black Pepper mayonnaise, “Supercharge” sauce and BBQ sauce. Quite the combination of delicious sauciness!

KFC Supercharge sauce

KFC’s own Supercharge sauce is described as a “spicy flavour sensation” (Image: KFC)

In other fried chicken related news, it’s worth checking out the Chizza that became quite the hot topic. A no-bread pizza with a fried chicken base, topped with cheese and your favourite pizza toppings.

Source: Express


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