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Life after death: The man who says he’s been to heaven

16th December 2016

It’s a question that we have been asking since the beginning of time, and that question is: “What happens after you die?”. Some think you go to an afterlife of some sort (such as heaven or hell), some think your soul becomes reincarnated in a new body, where others believe that it’s simply game over. Nothing.

I’m not sure that many of us are ready to find out any time soon. However, there is one man who says he has taken a trip to Heaven but had to return shortly after taking a quick look around.

Dr Gary Wood was involved in a car accident at 18 years old, with his then 16 year old sister, Sue, whilst on their way home. Sue was fortunately left with little injury, but Gary didn’t come out well at all. With a crushed larynx and vocal chords, as well as a torn off nose and several broken bones, paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene.

Dr Gary Wood, the man who says he’s been to heaven. (Image: DE)

50 years later, Dr Wood still remembers his experience very vividly. Speaking to presenter Sid Roth on his show “It’s Supernatural!”, Dr Wood describes that he went from a tremendous amount of pain to being relived of it all, before then descending to heaven. In his own words, he described it as the following:

“Dying is just like taking your clothes off and just laying them aside.

I stepped out of this body, this Earth suit, and then was lifted up through the top of my car and my whole life just passed before my eyes in just an instant.

Then I was caught in a swirling massive funnel shape cloud that grew brighter.

Then this cloud opened up and I saw this giant golden satellite, suspended in space that the Bible calls Heaven.”

He then continued to describe how he was met by an angel that was at least “70 feet tall” that stood in front of gates that were “500 miles wide”. He described the angel to be carrying a sword, had gold spun hair, with another angel behind the gates holding some books. There was apparently some exchange between the two angels and then Dr Wood was allowed to enter the “city”.

Gary says he met Jesus at his short stay in heaven. (Image: DE)

After this, Dr Wood apparently met with an old deceased friend of his, who then went on to give him a “tour” of Heaven. He says his friend was his best friend from high school but was killed in a lawnmower accident. It then starts to get a little strange, as Dr Wood explained:

“About 500 yards from the throne room of God, my friend took me and I was captivated by the sign on the outside that said ‘Unclaimed Blessings’.

When I opened the door, to my astonishment I saw legs hanging there from the wall, real legs.

Every part of one’s anatomy was there in that room and people asked me ‘why do you need a place like that?’ Because God has a spare part when God has a miracle.”

I can’t quite recall that part from my old RE classes at school, but I guess I wouldn’t know, since I’m not the one who has been there. Jesus made a showing at some point, apparently, telling Dr wood to give out a specific message: “there will be a spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land, there would be a teaching and emphasis on prayer.

As his friend was continuing this heavenly “tour”, they apparently heard Dr Wood’s sister, Sue, screaming out to him. He was told he had to go back as his purpose on this earth was spread this “message” from Jesus. There Gary made his way back to his body and after showing signs of life, he was rushed to hospital and stabilized.

When you die, could a literal stairway to heaven appear before your soul? (Image: DE)

Quite an interesting tale, but could Dr Wood really have taken a short visit to heaven, for real?

If you’re religious yourself then I imagine you’d have no reason to not believe in Gary’s story, why would you? However, if you’re quite the atheist, like myself, there are a few things that could have gone on here. He may well have been in a sort of dream state while unconcious, a trick of the mind.

I’d love to be proved wrong though, an eternity spent with God and his gang on top of a beautiful cloudscape, with the oppurtunity to be reunited with your loved ones sounds quite perfect. I guess we’ll all find out for sure one day, anyway.

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Source: Daily Express