How many people used the internet in 2016?
15th March 2017

The internet is pretty much something we can’t live without anymore. Everything we do requires it. Businesses rely on it, your shopping probably relies on it, gamers rely on it – it’s everywhere! If you suddenly have no access to it, as ridiculous as it sounds, you’ll probably feel “isolated”.

According to the National Statistics Office, around 77% of the population aged between 16 and 74-years-old made use of the web last year, with the highest age range being 16 to 24. 98.1% of all people within that age group are internet users, where the lowest age range is 65 to 74 with only 37.9% of users.

Internet Explorer Logo

Internet Explorer is still the most widely used browser, but if you use it please stop. Firefox or Chrome are your new best friends. (Image: YouTube)

Compared to 2015, 2.1% more people used a mobile device to access the internet with over 75% of users saying they used their mobile device for internet access away from home or work. It also appears that the internet’s most common use is simply just communication purposes and accessing information, which we could probably have guessed.

None of these statistics are that surprising to be honest, since the internet pretty much runs the entire world. You’re using it right now to read this article for goodness sake.

Source: Gozo


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