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M&Ms will have a Pumpkin Pie flavour this Autumn

Easter may be over, but M&Ms are making sure we still get to enjoy chocolate all year around. While there is supposedly a new caramel flavour coming this may, there is still one more surprise to come.

Not really a surprise I guess, since the headline has already ruined it. But this autumn will see M&Ms introduce their all new pumpkin pie flavour. You’re likely still suffering your easter chocolate overdose, but this sounded too delicious not to share.

M&Ms Pumpkin Spice

M&Ms already did a Pumpkin Spice limited flavour a few years back. (Image: Huffington Post)

The news broke when Candy Hunting shared a picture on Instagram of the new treats packaging. This lead to a spokesperson for M&Ms confirming the release will be in time for Halloween. Despite this, they’ll be available all year around after release. The sweets are made with white chocolate and come in orange, white and brown shells.

Here’s the bad news. It’s exclusive to America so far. Obviously not so bad if you’re living State side, but for us Brits it costs an arm and a leg to ship it over. There’s still hope though. If it proves popular then it’ll likely spread across the Atlantic.

Source: Metro


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