Morrions gives us their new foot long Sausage Rolls
9th August 2017

While Greggs has provided us with their drive-throughs and delivery services, they’re still yet to up their game. Morrisons has seriously out done them with their new sausage rolls.

If you have a pound lying about but fancy a decent meal, then head down to Morrisons and grab yourself a whole foot long, half a kilogram sausage roll. You won’t be left with that ridiculous after-lunch hunger anymore. Hopefully.

Morrisons Foot Long Sausage Roll

(Image: Morrisons)

Apparently, the inspiration for this monster sausage roll simply came from the customers demands for a slightly bigger one. Well, they certainly showed us.

The foot long sausage roll is available now, and has landed just in time for the Football season. So if you need a match day snack, looks like you’re all sorted for a mere pound.

Sausage rolls

The new sausage rolls compared to other variants. (Image: Morrions)

Morrisons claim it’s designed for sharing. Let’s be honest though, that’s not happening. If anybody even dares ask for a bit it’s going to be an immediate no.

Be sure to head down to your local Morrisons and grab yourself a monster sausage roll. They might not last forever, so don’t hang about.


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