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Munich’s Goldifsh Marauding Problem

21st March 2017

This is something you don’t see everyday – Munich in Germany are now fining people that release their Goldfish into wild waters. It seems like an innocent thing to do if your pond is too full, but apparently it causes a lot of issues for the native wildlife.

If you’ve ever owned a Goldfish in your life at some point then you’ll know they’re messy little things. As pretty as they are, they make a damn good job of mucking up their living space with all sorts of grime. Munich’s public waters seems to be a popular spot for these former pets to be introduced by careless owners, completely throwing the natural balance off the edge.

Goldfish in Munich

After Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is Germany’s 3rd largest City. (Image: Leeds Bradford Airport)

Goldfish will eat literally anything, breed like there’s no tomorrow, and can grow as big as their living space allows them to. Small pond insects and other fish’s eggs are no exception to their diet, and it’s starting to affect the ponds’ native populations. Because of this imbalance, Munich are now promising to fine anybody responsible for releasing their fish into these public waters.

“The expulsion of ornamental fish and other purchased animals from the garden pond into the free water landscape is therefore prohibited by law and can be penalized with fines,” a statement released on its website warns, adding that if a person’s pond becomes overcrowded “the animal owner is responsible for finding a new home for his ornamental fish” – Munich Council

Goldfish pond life

Pond life isĀ in danger if Goldfish invade their natural habitat. (Image: Stuart)

Munich isn’t the only location with this kind of problem starting to show an effect. A man in the Netherlands was ordered to recapture 80 goldfish that he let loose in the Veenendaal canals, due to fears of what it could do to the native species. Goldfish also have capability of disturbing water quality and introducing disease, so that many at once could have severe impact.

If you can’t keep your pets, be more responsible. I know it’s not quite the same but if you wouldn’t abandon a dog, then don’t do it to a fish either.

Source: BBC