Nestle to cut 40% of sugar in its Chocolate
2nd December 2016

First off it was Terry’s chocolate orange that shrunk in size, then Toblerone decided to insult us all with their devious size redution, and now it’s Nestle’s turn to hack us all off. It appears to be quite the ‘chocapocolypse’ with all these seemingly-negative changes recently being forced upon our favourite sweet snacks.

However, this may not be as bad as it sounds. Our classic Kit Kats may not be as doomed as our other fallen favourites, which is good news for any passionate chocoholics out there.

Please don't mess it up, Nestle. (Image: Mirror)

Please don’t mess this up, Nestle. (Image: Mirror)

According to the Swiss food company, they’ve made a scientific breakthrough that allows them to sharply reduce the amount of sugar they put into their chocolate. They say that they’ve found a way to structure their sugars so they can reduce the amount they use by 40%, with the bold claim that it won’t affect the taste.

The company, that also makes Aero, says it will start implementing this into their range of chocolate starting in 2018. How is this possible without affecting the taste, you may be asking? Scientists have apparently structured the sugar in a way that it dissolves faster, fooling your taste buds with the effect of raising the sweetness. Stefan Catsicas, chief technology officer at Nestle, has described the work as “truly groundbreaking research”.

Less sugar, but still a great taste? Hopefully. (Image: BBC)

Less sugar, but still a great taste? Hopefully. (Image: BBC)

Now, that does put my mind to rest a little bit, but considering milk chocolate is generally 50% sugar anyway, taking 40% of that away is quite a lot and surely we will notice a difference? I guess I have until 2018 to stock up on Kit Kats. Just in case.

Source: BBC


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