New British Smoking Laws make Now the Best time to Give Up – Man Wants


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New British Smoking Laws make Now the Best time to Give Up

Let’s not pretend smoking isn’t bad. It’s really not good for you, and never will be. If you don’t care – suit yourself – but the new laws introduced last May are getting closer to their mandatory enforcement date. Looking at what the government have put forward, it might be worth stubbing out for good.

Shops were given a year to prepare for these new laws, but as of the 20th May this year you won’t be able to get small packs of 10 cigarettes, smaller packs of tobacco or menthols. A full list of the new laws includes the following:

  • 10 packs will no longer be sold
  • Packs of rolling tobacco under 30g will no longer be sold
  • Menthols are to be phased out and gone by 2020
  • Flavoured tobacco will be illegal
  • Plain packaging to be introduced, but graphic images showing health implications will still be shown
Smoking Kills - Cigarettes on Shelves

Plain packaging aims to make cigarette packaging look less attractive. (Image: Dsmokeshop)

After all of these are in place after the year of preparation, the cheapest packet of cigarettes you’ll be able to buy here in the UK will be a massive ¬£8.82. Obviously, these tight laws have been introduced to help reduce the amount of people that smoke. Menthols and flavoured tobacco are being ruled out in hope that younger people who see it as inviting will never pick up the habit.

I don’t smoke, it’s a nasty way to die and costs way too much – especially now with prices like that. If you’re paying that much to smoke, you have to wonder if it’s really worth it. None of these new laws affect e-cigs, unfortunately. If you’re the¬†obnoxious type that enjoys exhaling sickly, fruity steam in everybody’s breathing space, you can carry on doing so for now.

Source: Mirror