The new “counterfeit-proof” £1 coin has been counterfeited already
10th May 2017

That’s right, the new £1 coin may already have a fake version in circulation. The new coin introduced in March is supposed to tackle the large amount of fake £1 coins already in circulation with its new “counterfeit-proof” design.

Was the “impossible-to-fake” pound coin a total failure? There’s no official word on these “forged” versions of the new coin as of yet, but they seem very suspicious. The coin was spotted by a charity worker in Surrey and it has some noticeable differences compared to the rest. The “fake” is heavier, the Queen’s head slightly more to the left, a more rounded edge and there is no detail on the head of the thistle.

£1 coin

The “fake” coin (Left) compared to a real coin (Right). (Image: Express)

The impossible Coin

The coin was handed over in a co-op, and it’s quite worrying if it really is a fraudulent coin. If there’s one, there will likely be many more making their way in. So much for the “impossible” coin. Interestingly, hundreds of “trial piece” coins were distributed to shop keepers. This was to help calibrate or upgrade coin-handling equipment before the coin was rolled out on March 28. The “trial pieces” are not legal tender, and can’t be used in a shop.

Rather than a “fake” coin, it could simply be one of these “trial pieces” that has accidentally found its way into a cash register.

Source: Express


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