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Why has the new Doctor Who announcement caused such a Fuss?

17th July 2017

Fans of the British Sci-Fi TV show, Doctor Who, will now be aware of the new lead role. Jodie Whittaker is to play the first female incarnation of the Doctor.

Not everybody has taken to a female doctor too lightly though. The fan-base has become very split on the subject and appear to be at each other’s throats.

As a fan of the show, I’m indifferent if I’m honest. I had high hopes for Kris Marshall, like many others – but we can’t always get what we want.

So why are people getting all fussed up about a female doctor? Let’s look at some of the points on both sides that people have made. Without being biased like every other article, may I add.

Kris Marshall Doctor Who

Maybe next time Kris. (Image: Metro)

“It’s about Time”

This is the first thing a lot of fans have commented after the reveal. Apparently, people have wanted a Time Lady to take the driver seat of the TARDIS for a while.

If I remember rightly, the idea of the doctor having a gender swap during a regeneration has been toyed with long since most fans of the show today were even born.

Sydney Newman, creator of Doctor Who has said it himself:

“At a later stage, Doctor Who would be metamorphosed into a woman.

“This requires some considerable thought—mainly because I want to avoid a flashy Hollywood ‘Wonder Woman’ because this kind of heroine has no flaws—and a character with no flaws is a bore.”

Sydney Newman, creator of Doctor Who

(Image: TARDIS Wikia)

It was never out of the picture. I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t know this. It leaves the question: why not? There’s no canon reason for this NOT to happen.

We’ve already seen the Doctor’s nemesis, The Master change into a woman and most fans appeared to approve. It could also work for our main protagonist too.

“Iconic Male Lead Role”

On to the other half of the debate. I just want to say first of all, stop calling people out as a “sexist” just because they don’t agree with you.

While some are being blatant idiots about it, I’ve seen some fair points on why they’d have preferred the Doctor to stick with his male consistency.

For well over 5 decades now, the Doctor has been a consistent lead male role. While he’s changed slightly, the intellect has always been there which makes him recognisable as the same person.

Doctor Who

(Image: Reddit)

You could argue that changing an established lead male role is a bit… weird? Maybe. You could argue that introducing a lead Time Lady to go along side the Doctor would be much more along the lines of equality though. Just like they have done before, multiple times!

It worked well with superheroes. Superman has Supergirl and Batman has Batwoman and Batgirl. No changes to the existing characters needed to be made, each character is amazing in their own right. They’ve also ALL successfully spun off to being just as iconic.

Other than that, people are saying it’s a PC stunt. Maybe it is? Or maybe they genuinely felt Jodie Whittaker is good for the role? They’ve certainly got us all talking about it either way!

I’m not disappointed that the next Doctor is a woman. I’m disappointed that it’s not KRIS MARSHALL. The guy’s great and could bring us back a real David Tennant vibe.

However, it is what it is. Let’s give Jodie a chance! Peter Capaldi has stated the next regeneration will be more complex, so I’m sure it will work out fine!

Commence the bickering the comment section.