Oculus Touch price and release date announced
7th October 2016

During the Oculus Connect keynote address, Oculus chief Brendan Iribe has announced that the unique-looking Touch controllers will go on sale in December priced at $200 for a pair (That’s about £160 but the actual price here in the UK could be different).

Preorders will open on October 10th online and at physical retailers while the controllers will go on sale on December 6th. People who preorder will recieve free games – “VR Sports Challenge” and “The Unspoken”.

Iribe has also confirmed that the Oculus Touch controller will offer room-scale movement but you will need a sensor for that which are priced at $80 (roughly £64) and also go on sale on December 6th.

The circular Touch is comprised of two controllers, one for each of your hands. Each has a traditional analog stick, two buttons, and an analog trigger as well as haptic feedback and what Oculus calls the “hand trigger.” Touch is also capable of tracking “a set of finger poses” that work to “recognize natural hand poses like pointing, waving, or giving a thumbs-up.”


Source: GameSpot


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