Philippines set to ban Smoking COMPLETELY
11th October 2016

If you live in the Phillipines, then now would probably be the best time to give up your smoking habits.

These new rules which have been drawn up in an executive order, are awaiting the president’s approval and will see all public places across the country (whether it be indoor or outdoor) become smoke-free zones.

Health secretary Pauline Ubial has said:

What is being done in Davao is set to be done nationwide. There will be nobody smoking in public places anymore, whether indoor or outdoor. Parks, bus stations, and even in vehicles. All these are considered public places.

She also added that the executive order is expected to be signed this month.

The move comes two weeks after president Duterte re-stated his plans to ban smoking in the Philippines as he says that it brought diseases to both smokers as well as non smokers.

The country’s department of health is also going to try and amend “grey areas” in the current law around the sale of tobacco. The department wants to “totally prohibit point-of-sale advertisements” for tobacco and designated indoor smoking areas.

Source: Independent


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