£80,000 Polymer fiver bid turns out to be a FAKE
21st October 2016

The eBay seller of the viral “AK47” polymer five pound note has been left rather disappointed, after the winning bidder won’t pay up.

Gareth Wright, seller of the viral sensation, thought he was quids in when he put his special note up for auction on eBay and the winning bid came to £80,100. Not all has gone as planned for him though, as the final bidder turns out to be fake.


A screenshot from the bid which ended on the 13th October.

The “buyer” told Gareth that he couldn’t pay him for the note as he’s “waiting for a shipment of cocaine to come in”, suggesting the guy had no intentions of paying at all and was just messing around.

Gareth describes the “buyer”‘s actions as “childish” as the plans he had of buying his mother’s house for her and traveling to South America have now been soiled.

A spokesperson for eBay said that all bids are binding contracts, so something may come in Gareth’s favour yet.

Source: Mirror


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