Robotic Sea Snakes will be used to explore our Oceans
11th April 2017

In the near future, it seems like we could see robotic sea snakes taking over from our ocean search-and-repair specialists. It looks rather scary at a first glance, but it’s harmless really.

The self-propelling Eelume is a long snake-like piece of technology that slithers its way through water. Its shape and design looks like it could be quite practical in terms of ocean exploration and maneuverability. It’s designed to inspect structures on the sea bed and carry out repairs.

Robotic Sea Snakes

(Image: BBC)

The Future of Ocean Exploration

With a camera on each side and sensors, the idea started 10 years ago as a research project in Norway. The design has become a commercial prototype since then. Its modular design allows its parts to be switched to fit different tasks, such as a cleaning brush or a grabber. Its shape allows it to explore the most confined spaces in our deepest oceans, as well as quick deployment.

There are potential plans to use the vehicle to explore the likes of Titanic, and any other places that divers can’t physically reach.

Source: BBC


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