Robots may take up to 30% of jobs in the UK
27th March 2017

It’s becoming rather impressive how far we can go in terms of robots and artificial intelligence. However, it looks like it’s getting to a point where we are also starting to rely on them. A study reveals that by 2030, a third of jobs in the UK could be affected by them.

How would you feel if you lost your job to a robot? I guess it’s not something you’ve ever considered, depending on your field of work. It’s not necessarily bad news for everybody though. The accountancy firm – PwC – predicts that the nature of some occupations would simply change, rather than disappear. This means additional jobs and wealth would be created elsewhere in the economy.

Robots working in China

Places like China and Japan already use robots in their working environments. (Image: Working Engineering)

If you’re in the manufacturing and retail industry, you may well be aware already that you’re the most under threat from automation – especially if you carry out the manual routine type jobs. New technologies are making jobs a lot easier, to the point that they’re taking over the job completely. However, jobs with a more human touch, such as health and education, are at a much lower risk.

This possible robot take-over in the workplace comes with its great benefits, as well as its major drawbacks. All the repetitive jobs can be programmed and taken over by automation, meaning employers don’t have to fork out for multiple employees to do the simplest of tasks. However, wouldn’t forcing all of these people out of work seem a little…harsh? You could offer training into more valuable work in the industry instead, making the company more efficient. It depends.

Do you think automation taking over jobs is a good thing? Or do you prefer that we keep our trust in humans, since it works quite well currently anyway?

Source: BBC


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