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‘SafeSesh’ Kits Allow Testing of Recreational Drug Quality

Unfortunately, people think it’s smart to take drugs. However, a new project called SafeSesh has been launched which aims to provide university students with safe drug testing kits.

I don’t really care what other people want to do to themselves, but purposely damaging your body for the sake of a small high will never make sense to me. Sure, I drink alcohol, but I’m not an alcoholic. As dangerous as alcohol is in large quantities, there’s no denying that it can be moderated to be enjoyable with minimal bodily harm. More importantly, you know what’s in it. Popping pills given to you by a shady stranger that only cares for your money could be dangerous.

You can argue this SafeSesh kit is normalizing drug use, but at the end of the day it has potential to save lives. Three people died in Cork and Dublin last year as a result of drug use at parties so the team behind SafeSesh have issued the kit across universities in Ireland in hope it stop this from happening ever again.

SafeSesh Kit

(Image: Independent)

SafeSesh brainchild, Eleanor Hulm says the following:

“These people died as a result of taking drugs that were sold to them and they didn’t know the quantity, the purity or what was in what they were taking. They didn’t know that when certain drugs are combined that it is extremely deadly and the risk of death is very high,

“I was very angry because nothing was actually done about this from a higher level. There was nothing from the Government, there was nothing from colleges. Everyone knew about it but there was no proactive response to the situation.”

Do you agree that this SafeSesh kit is the answer? Or do you feel harsher punishments and discouragement would be more appropriate? Personally, I feel this is facilitating and normalizing illegal drug use in further education. If you’re serious about going to University, you wouldn’t have time for such nonsense.

But that’s just, you know, my opinion.

Source: Independent