Samsung Note 7 replacements STILL explode!
12th October 2016

The nightmare just gets worse for Samsung, as even their replacement phones are still exploding on customers.

Samsung has suspended the production of its new Galaxy Note 7 as multiple devices intended to be replacements after their initial recall have still been reported faulty – devices smoking, bursting into flames and burning people.


Back in September the faulty device was known to burn a 6 year old child after exploding in his possession, as well as a man losing his family car when the phone engulfed itself in flames, torching his Jeep along with it. In another case the phone has exploded in a hotel room, resulting in up to £1,000 of damage.

Last week, it was reported that a replacement Note 7 started smoking uncontrollably on a US Southwest Airlines flight just before takeoff, burning through the carpet. A potentially fatal incident had it taken place mid-flight.


A replacement Note 7 that melted in a 13 year old girl’s hands.

The Note 7 was said to have so much potential which makes the situation all the more agonizing for Samsung.

Originally launched on August 19th, the phone met very positive reviews which after years of falling profits showed a much brighter future for the company.

The recall that was initiated will cost Samsung billions and now that even their replacements are still exploding and causing bedlam, it’s unclear what the future holds for the device.

Source: Business Insider, 5abc, Express


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