Self-Driving Cars Aren’t Making a Good Impression
27th March 2017

Uber aren’t having a fantastic time currently, and their self-driving cars have made it worse in Arizona. One of the transport network’s Volvo SUV’s with implemented self-driving technology has been involved in quite the road incident.

The incident forced Uber to pull its self-driving cars off the road. You may or may not think that self-driving cars are a good thing, but if you ask me this clearly demonstrates how unready our roads are. A spokeswoman for the Arizona police says the incident took place when another vehicle “failed to yield” to the Uber car at a left turn. There was somebody behind the wheel of the Uber car. However, it’s not clear whether they were in control of the car at the time of the incident.

Self-Driving Cars - Uber

Uber’s self driving cars use cameras to sense traffic. (Image: Uber)

As soon as I saw that self-driving cars were going to be a thing, I immediately felt skeptical. It wasn’t the actual self driving technology that concerned me either. It was more the fact they’d be mixed in with people manually driving their own cars. Without dedicated tracks for these self-driving cars it’s just millions of accidents waiting to happen. Yet, if the cars had tracks then they’d be no different to the likes of Trams and couldn’t pin point a precise location for anyone. What would be the point?

This unfortunate news for Uber has followed on behalf of several negative stories regarding workplace practice and ethics, as well several executives quitting in recent weeks, including the president, Jeff Jones. Do you think self-driving cars are the future? Or does this type of incident just say it all for you as well?

Source: BBC


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